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Welcome to SORA CryptoCurrency
[PoW/PoS Hybrid, Quantum & AI resistance, AI, Web3.0]

SORA L1 Blockchain - with Quantum & AI resistance implemented !
Features: [Supported after v3.67.14]

I, Conventional bitcoin P2PKH-ECDSA transactions and Quantum & AI resistance transactions are separated, allowing for individual balance management.

II, There is a feature that allows for a one-click transition from bitcoin P2PKH-ECDSA to Quantum & AI resistance transactions.

III, Quantum & AI-resistant transactions have been made compact, so the transaction fees are only slightly higher than those for bitcoin P2PKH-ECDSA.

IV, Both bitcoin P2PKH-ECDSA and Quantum & AI resistance transactions are configured for multi-signature setups, ensuring that bitcoin P2PKH-ECDSA verification is carried out even on older nodes for added security.

Why has Quantum & AI Resistance become necessary this year? If it were only Quantum, there should have been more time. The reasons are summarized below, with particular emphasis on AI resistance.
>> SorachanCoin [SORA] Cryptocurrency news!

After 2024: new RoadMap

>> Roadmap for AI and Blockchain Integration using NFTs
>> Business model of SORA blockchain

SORA-L1 Blockchain-Core

Supported contract address (for DAOs). [bitcoin-RPC getnewethaddress]

SORA-L2 Blockchain-FromHDDtoSSD

About SORA SorachanCoin


In addition to the fusion of AI and blockchain (AI-NFT), we will actively promote the concept that blockchain doesn't need quantum resistance! There's absolutely no need to worry about quantum computers. Quantum computers can't do anything against blockchain. We will strongly emphasize this point and hope for the advancement of all blockchain projects!!!

We misunderstand and think that anything is possible with quantum because they compare it to "classical physical quantities". Let's compare quantum to "the universe" instead. We will soon realize that there is not much we can do with quantum.

The project was launched on August 6, 2018. We have been operating stably with a reliable SORA blockchain for over five years.

By the way, this ticker [SORA] means "universe" in Japanese. We appreciate your continued support!

Maximum issuance amount 8,000,000
Current circulating supply
Block explorer
Block generation time 3 minutes
Hashing algorithm Scrypt
Consensus PoW + PoS Hybrid
PoW reward 1 SORA / block
PoS reward 3% / year
WhitePaper >>Japanese version, English version
>>Japanese version, Indonesian version
Exchenges click here [XeggeX, BitxOnex, Finexbox]

Q: Are there any companies utilizing the SORA blockchain?

A: Yes, there are. Features of SORA that utilize the SORA blockchain, such as the drive inspection function, have been adopted by major Japanese computer sales and repair companies. [e.g. Akihabara, Tokyo]
We will continue to steadily increase the use cases of the blockchain.
Thank you for your understanding.

We have entered into a special partnership with CryptoSky for marketing. We will be actively pursuing our initiatives.

SorachanCoin-qt (the standard wallet) and FromHDDtoSSD (the wallet with drive inspection) both utilize the same SORA. With either, you can send or receive SORA.

SorachanCoin-qt Wallet: [Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7]

FromHDDtoSSD v3: [Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7]
This comes with a rapid synchronization(rapidsync) feature, completing the full node's SORA blockchain synchronization in about 15 minutes. Give it a try!

SorachanCoin Wallet: SORA Discord bot
After joining the SORA Discord server(, click on #mainnet-discord-wallet.
Then, simply enter the following command:

Once registered, you can immediately use functions like deposit, withdraw, etc.
This is ideal for holding mining pool rewards.

+bal Show balance
+deposit Show deposit address
+withdraw address amount Send SORA
+catch Receive airdrop
+throw sora amount people EquallyDistributed Distribute airdrop
+tip target amount Send a tip

About Quantum Resistance

Did we really need quantum resistance for blockchain?
=> That won't be necessary!

If you genuinely believe that a quantum computer (quantum bits) can break the blockchain, then go ahead and give it a try.

If you are in your right mind and truly desire to destroy the blockchain, you would need a computer way beyond quantum computers, commonly referred to as a 'nondeterministic Turing machine'.

However, even if such a machine were conceivable, it might not make an appearance until about a thousand years from now. By that time, we might have already completed our migration to Mars and started a new life there.


Quantum resistance has become a topic of discussion, but I have become skeptical about whether it is an implementation that needs to be immediately applied to blockchain.

Certainly, due to Shor's algorithm, problems arise concerning RSA, However, blockchain does not depend on the RSA mechanism.

While it does grapple with the common issues of the discrete logarithm problem, the usage and effects differ, so the problems with RSA are not the problems of the blockchain.

In reality, even if quantum computers were to solve it, it seems that the current system might be sufficient for about 30 years.

Quantum Computers and Shor's Algorithm

Quantum computers process information using quantum bits (qubits). This allows them to perform calculations much faster than classical computers. Shor's algorithm is one of the algorithms executed on quantum computers, efficiently factoring large numbers.

\[ | \psi \rangle = \cos\left(\frac{\theta}{2}\right) | 0 \rangle + e^{i\phi} \sin\left(\frac{\theta}{2}\right) | 1 \rangle \]

Modern public key cryptography(RSA) relies on the fact that factoring large numbers is not computationally feasible in a realistic timeframe. However, quantum computers can factor large numbers in a realistic timeframe using Shor's algorithm.

Originally, the phase information φ of a quantum bit in superposition cannot be directly observed. However, by utilizing quantum Fourier transform, this phase information can be converted into the frequency domain, making it possible to transform it into an observable probability amplitude of the quantum bit's particle nature.

\[ f(x) = a^x \mod N, \;\gcd(a, N) = 1 \] \[ |x\rangle = H\; \otimes \;H\; \otimes \cdots \otimes \;H \;|00 \cdots 0\rangle = \sum_k |k\rangle \rightarrow f(x) \rightarrow |x\rangle\; \otimes \;|f(x)\rangle \] \[ |f(x)\rangle = \sum_k |k\rangle \rightarrow \text{Collapse} \rightarrow |f(x)\rangle \rightarrow f(j),\ j: \text{the chosen solution} \] \[ \therefore\;|j\rangle = \frac{1}{\sqrt{n}} ( |m_1\rangle + |m_2\rangle + \ldots + |m_n\rangle ) \] \[ \text{n: the number of superposed states on the input register} \] \[ m_1 \cdots m_n: \text{the respective states} \]

\[ \therefore\;QFT\_{2^n}\;|j\rangle \rightarrow \frac{1}{\sqrt{2^n}} \sum_{k=0}^{2^n - 1} e^{2\pi i j k / 2^n} |k\rangle \]

*** Welcome to SORA Neural Network, the "FromHDDtoSSD v3" ***

About SORA implements transactions, Smart contracts, AI-NFTs, Quantum Resistant Key.


Support for ownership management, metaverse, drive(HDD/SSD/NVMe) inspection and advanced scientific analysis ... etc. Web3 - Blockchain - Multidimensional NFT by SORA Network. We aim to popularize multidimensional NFTs that can be built by direct product based on Web3 - blockchain technology. The base development has already been completed, and 1-dim NFT, 2-dim NFT, and 4-dim NFT are operating normally on SORA Network.

What kind of use is there? For example, when analyzing meteorological observation data with a blockchain. If the "wind direction" and "wind strength" at a certain point are used as data, it will be a 2-dim NFT. This 2-dim NFT operate to record data on the SORA-blockchain. And if you give a special NFT to blockchain with action by direct product or comparison, you can get the result from the blockchain. By the way, regarding the first goal of the SORA project, "Achieving drive inspection statistics on the blockchain", we achieved with the 4-dim NFT (i-sector). Now it can operate SSD/NVMe safely.

\[ a_0 \cdots a_n \in \text{AI-NFT} \] \[ T_{ij} = a_0 \otimes a_1 \otimes a_2 \otimes \cdots \otimes a_n \]

16 passphrase, restore wallet completely

With this kind of feeling, you can build an NFT that can directly product the conventional tokens with smart contract and raise the dimension. Smartly adapts to any application ... Reborn as a general blockchain! Then, No need a hard-ware wallet, No need a paper wallet, No need a buckup, in SORA Network. No need, those backup, hardware wallet, paper wallet, and so on. Why? because Using 16 passphrase, restore wallet completely (Coins and NFTs are safe).

\[ f: D^{16} \longrightarrow C \]


** XeggeX **
liquidity pool:

XeggeX displays a "progress status" from deposit to withdrawal, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Transactions are executed instantly, and the website design is intuitive, allowing even first-time users to navigate and operate without confusion. The platform's high ratings, coupled with the public display of the "Proof of Reserve" demonstrating the transparency of customer assets, further attest to its trustworthiness. Having personally used it, We are deeply impressed by its user-friendliness.
And, when a price is set, we have activated a liquidity pool to ensure stable trading at that price. Please be assured.

** Finexbox **

Finexbox has a long-standing track record. While it's a bit heavy and deposits and withdrawals can be slow, there are no issues to be concerned about.

Roadmap (2018 - 2023)

We will incorporate AI and quantum resistance into blockchain, and while utilizing AI-NFTs, and construct a decentralized inspection system. Oh, quantum resistance was such an exaggeration. Normal is enough, it won't be broken easily anyway!

In addition to the fusion of AI and blockchain (AI-NFT), we will actively promote the concept that blockchain doesn't need quantum resistance! There's absolutely no need to worry about quantum computers. Quantum computers can't do anything against blockchain. We will strongly emphasize this point and hope for the advancement of all blockchain projects!!!

Welcome to SORA Neural Network, the "FromHDDtoSSD v3"

We implemented latest SQLite, and using wallet database, replace BerkeleyDB to SQLite.

We have implemented automatic checkpoints.

We implemented peers tab.

We released the "SorachanCoin Wallet with a benchmark".

We launched SorachanCoin project, SorachanCoin-qt ver1.0.